First Roadmapping Workshop concluded successfully

We are happy to report that our first roadmapping workshop has been concluded successfully in Porto on May 23rd, kindly hosted by Road4FAME partner Critical Manufacturing S.A. 18 members of the Road4FAME Experts Group worked through an intense day to develop a first version of the Road4FAME roadmap.

As a starting point, a large amount of content was presented to the experts: Firstly, an overview of challenges faced in the manufacturing domain, as well as the underlying trends by which they are caused (“pull perspective”). Secondly, an overview of current and future research themes (“push perspective”). Experts were faced with the challenge to scrutinize this content for missing aspects and to identify the key issues which deserve particular attention.

Four manufacturing scenarios were explored in detail, among them sustainable/green manufacturing, or the virtual enterprise. Key manufacturing IT challenges that were identified in several scenarios independently were subsequently examined in detail.

We would like to thank all participating experts for their input and are excited to turn all the valuable material into a first Road4FAME roadmap.

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