Road4FAME Final Publication

Strategic Research and Innovation Roadmap and Business Opportunities for ICT in Manufacturing

Road4FAME Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet Business Models and Opportunities

Fact Sheet SWOT

Road4FAME Final Event – Presentations





Road4FAME-EU Consultation Meeting

Report on Road4FAME Consultation Event – Digital Revolution in Europe: Converging Visions for a Smarter World

Road4FAME Presentation, 22nd May, 2015 Road4FAME_R4Fevent_MEIKE_REIMANN

Member States and Regional Initiatives – Manufacturing

Press Release on Orientation Paper

 Road4FAME press release IfM ECS  –  Road4FAME partner IfM has created aon the recently published EC Orientation Paper.

Road4FAME Orientation Paper

Road4FAME_Orientation-Paper_FINAL – This paper was developed by the Road4FAME consortium on request of the European Commission and will be further used for dissemination purposes.

Road4FAME Deliverables – technology push perspective

The following documents are building blocks in establishing the push perspective in Road4FAME, which describes the innovation generated by research activities.


This document provides a sound overview of recent and ongoing research activities in the field of manufacturing IT based on an analysis of research topics, results and concepts from recent and ongoing research projects.

Road4FAME_609167_D1-2_PreliminaryOverviewTechnologyPush_FINAL VERSION

This document provides an overview of future research challenges by looking at the recommendations for future research which are mentioned in today’s strategy documents and roadmaps. In short, this overview is supposed to be representative of the future research challenges of which the scientific community is aware today.

Road4FAME Deliverables –  demand pull perspective

The following documents are building blocks in establishing the pull perspective in Road4FAME, which describes the innovation demanded by the manufacturing domain.

Road4FAME_609167_D2 1_Typology of Manufacturing Business_Settings v1.2 FINAL

This document presents the considerations for manufacturing scenarios to be considered in Road4FAME.

Road4FAME_609167_D2.2_Needs_and_Requirements_in_Manufacturing_Business_Settings v1.0 SUBMISSION

This document presents an overview of challenges and needs of the manufacturing domain which was established by conducting interviews with representatives of manufacturing companies and manufacturing IT solutions providers. In a multi-step process, 37 representatives of manufacturing businesses and manufacturing IT solution providers were involved in face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews of 20-40 minute duration. Input from two workshops with the Road4FAME Experts Group contributes to this document as well.

Road4FAME_609167_D2-3_ReportOnSocioeconomicDevelopments_v2.0_FINAL (PDF)

This document presents an overview of trends which can be considered to be relevant to the manufacturing domain, and which may act as drivers in the sense that they drive developments in the manufacturing domain and have an influence on the needs in the manufacturing domain.

Road4FAME public deliverables – roadmapping process

The following deliverables were produced in the roadmapping process, where push and pull perspective (see above) are analysed jointly for the mutual implications.

Road4FAME_609167_D1-3_PushAndPull_v1.0 SUBMISSION

Whereas most previous deliverables constitute separate building blocks for establishing either the push perspective (D1.1, D1.2) or the pull perspective (D2.2. D2.3), this document is to analyse them jointly, thereby joining push and pull perspective. Beyond the material from previous deliverables, input received at two workshops with the Road4FAME Experts Group is also considered for the analysis.


This Deliverable will provide you with a introduction the roadmapping methodology used in Road4FAME.

Road4FAME_609167_D3_2_Initial_RM_4_Manufacturing_Scenarios SUBMISSION
This Deliverable summarizes and analyses the input from our previously held roadmapping workshops and illustrates an initial version of the Road4FAME roadmap under section 4.



This Deliverbales elaborates on the preliminary Road4FAME Roadmaps.


This Deliverbales comprises the final consolidation of the Road4FAME Roadmap and Recommendations.


This Deliverable was developed as a report from a business modelling workshop that the Road4FAME Consoritum has held in April 2015 in Madrid.

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