Main Roadmapping Workshop and Orientation Paper

IMG_2280 (600x450)Recently, the Road4FAME project held a very successful roadmapping workshop in London. The consortium came together with a number of 40 chosen experts from academia and industry, to progress on its roadmap for IT architectures and services in manufacturing. The workshop incorporated four parallel roadmapping sessions involving the four Road4FAME scenarios: virtual enterprise, green enterprise, high-volume production enterprise and the manufacturing as a service (MaaS) enterprise.
Results from previous workshops were prioritised and, were needed, added across the four scenarios. Subsequently, ICT solutions comprising architectures and services, necessary research, technology and resources were gathered across the four groups. In a next step, these ICT solutions had been further explored and defined, the most pressing one’s were chosen, characterised against priotisation criteria and linkages to drivers and research topics were established. At the end, each group presented one ICT solution with an elevator pitch. Meanwhile, the consortium is in the course of evaluating all results in order to compile a final report on this workshop.
We thank all participating experts for their valuable inputs and comments that help us building up a full-fledged roadmap and corresponding recommendations. A big thank you also goes to Road4FAME partner IfM, who delivered an excellent job in facilitating this workshop.
In conjunction with the workshop, the consortium also finished an Orientation Paper requested by the European Commission. It is yet to be considered as a working document, however the challenges and research recommendations identified therein serve as a basis