Road4FAME Business Modelling Workshop

IMG_2319 (2) (400x267)Road4FAME successfully held a business-modelling workshop in April 2015 at the premises of Atos in Madrid. The workshop concentrated on new and exciting business models, which arise from exploitation of ICT Technology and Services in manufacturing. Ahead of this workshop, the Road4FAME consortium had identified and analyzed about 100 models and conducted interviews with industrialists to identify future business opportunities. Based on this, results were categorised into 10 areas and the new business opportunities identified so far were mapped, to the trends, drivers, ICT solutions identified and recommendations made by Road4FAME. Furthermore, participants brainstormed new potential business opportunities within manufacturing more widely, identified the most promising and developed how these can be put into place operationally (identifying enablers/barriers and the necessary ICT solutions) using a business modelling canvas. In sum, a move towards servitization in manufacturing was recognized a common trend across models. See Deliverable 4.1 – Catalogue of Future Business Services and Associated Business Opportunities for more information.