Road4FAME Networking Session at ICT 2015 Lisbon

ICT for Manufacturing and related Business Models ict_2015_lisbon
Wednesday, 21/10/2015, Room 12, 14:50-15:35

Road4FAME organises a networking session at the ICT2015 in Lisbon (20-22 October 2015) for all stakeholders interested in ICT for manufacturing and related business models. Our group is open to everyone attending the event to participants with common or similar topical interests with whom you could develop collaborative relationships in the future. However, it is particularly targeted at participants interested in the application and realisation of new ICT technologies and the related business opportunities.
Next to networking opportunities and exchange of views, this session will feature pitches on promising business models for manufacturing from FoF and ICT projects.

Register free of charge and reserve your spot for the networking session.
Note that registration presupposes registration to the ICT2015 Conference.