First Road4FAME Expert Workshop concluded successfully

IMG_5902In order to support the preparation of the roadmap, 22 members of the Road4FAME Experts Group from industry and academia from across Europe came together on March 6, 2014 in Brussels for a full-day expert workshop.

Motivation for joining this first workshop was impressively high underlining the relevance and importance of the topics discussed. The workshop’s main objective was to establish a comprehensive overview of the most urgently required IT capabilities in the manufacturing domain, research challenges in manufacturing IT as well as IT enablers. Furthermore, four manufacturing scenarios to be considered in Road4FAME were presented and jointly refined in discussions among Road4FAME consortium members and the participating experts.

The objectives of this first workshop were met thanks to the very active contribution of all participants. According to the feedback received post workshop, participants considered the workshop worthwhile and its outputs positive. In an anonymous post-workshop survey, 93% of respondents rated the workshop as very good or excellent.

IT capability requirements

Figure 1: Linkage of required IT capabilities with research themes

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