FoF- Impact Workshop in Brussels

On March 24-25, representatives of over 150 Factories of the Future (FoF) projects joined the 2014 Impact Workshop of the FoF-PPP. The purpose of the workshop was to identify common themes, potential synergies, and to strengthen cooperation among projects. The workshop was structured on the basis of a clustering of projects into six themes, based upon the ‘Factories of the Future’ roadmap.

Road4FAME was represented in the session ‘Cyber-physical Systems & Networked Factories’. Ursula Rauschecker of Fraunhofer IPA, Germany, presented Road4FAME and its mechanisms to achieve involvement of a large number of stakeholders in the roadmap development process, namely the Road4FAME Core Group and the Road4FAME Experts Group. Ursula also gave an overview of the roadmapping ecosystem in the FoF PPP and described the close interactions of Road4FAME with past and ongoing initiatives such as the ActionPlanT project, EFFRA and the Pathfinder project. The Road4FAME presentation from the session is available here.

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